Nourish your skin daily with all organic skin nutrients. You will be amazed! Your body deserves the absolute best.

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Organic Clay Cleansing Bar

by Releve' Skincare

Releve's Organic Clay Cleansing Bar is way beyond a mere bar of soap. It has been ranked by estheticians as the highest quality cleanser in the world for both face and body. Not only does their Clay Cleansing Bar cleanse and moisturize; many people use it for shaving and shampoo as well.

This organic, mineral rich product provides a broad spectrum of nutrients which work to naturally deodorize, nourish and exfoliate the skin. The company's exceptional proprietary clay, proprietary herbal and other natural ingredients, synergize to leave just the right amount of saponified oils and natural glycerin in the skin, allowing it to be moisturized from within rather than coated with an artificial alternative.

This Clay Cleansing Bar will cleanse and nourish your skin in a way that is far superior to any other bar you've ever tried. Your skin will feel healthy and look vibrant. The natural exfoliateing properties leave your skin ready to receive the beneficial effects of every other product in the Releve Skincare line.

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Organic Body Lotion

by Releve' Skincare

Releve's Organic Body Loton is designed to give you luxurious, high-quality skincare without pumping your body full of harmful chemicals - or any chemicals for that matter. They make their lotion from the best natural, organic, wild-crafted plant and vegetable-derived extracts on the planet.

Organic, hand-filleted aloe vera is one of the main ingredients. The aloe plant is known not only for its soothing properties, but for its healing and anti-irritation abilities. Natural extracts with antioxidant functions provide extra protection from harmful UVB rays. Finally, they add organic beeswax, raw honey, grape seed oil, and a proprietary herbal extract to create a truly fabulous all-purpose body lotion that is mild enough for your face.

The aloe vera Releve' Skincare uses is grown and processed on a parcel of land that has been growing organic plants since the early 1970s. The solil is so vibrant that the aloe leaves are massive in size. To get the full bnefit of the aloe plant, they hand-cut the leaves and scrape along the inner leaf to capture the full range of nutrients and enzymes. Other skincare companies often process aloe leaves in large crusher, which significatly impairs the healing and medicinal properties in the aloe plant. And unlike most other companies, Releve' does not add water. What goes into your skin is the highest-quality, purest aloe available.

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Luxotic Organic Face Moisturizer

by Releve' Skincare

The value of Luxotic, the world's most luxurious and effective organic face cream, is found in the quality of the ingredients, in the unique craftsmanship involved in hand-making their product, and in the transformational benefits the cream delivers over time.

Releve' takes 5 pounds of their rare proprietary clay (never before useed in a beauty or cosmetic product) and meticulously extracts and refines over 80 rare minerals into a 1.7 ounce cream. After extracting the bio-available mineral complexes from the clay, Releve' further aligns the potency of available minerals with electric and magnetic alignment techiques proprietary to their company.

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Clay Mineral Mask

by Releve' Skincare

No other clay mask has over 80 minerals in organic form - formulated to be immediately bio-available. Once Releve's Clay Mineral Mask is on your skin, it immediately begins detoxification, nourishment and renewal.

This clay mask is the result of years of research and development fueled by a dedication to discover the most powerful and effective natural clay mask for skin renewal and anti-aging properties available anywhere. Natural ingredients have been sourced from around the world to reach this end. Foremost, we use a clay that can only be found in Releve' Skincare products. This extraordinary, montmorillorite clay contains a fulvic acid mineral complex scientifically proven to extend longevity of human cell integrity and overall skin health. Clay Mineral Mask also includes the essences of 24 proprietary extracted organic and/or wild-crafted herbs that have been proven to restore and rejuvenate the skin.

Applying Clay Mineral Mask to your face will feed your skin with a wealth of nutrients and remove damaging toxins. The results are amazing and irrefutable, resulting in unparalleled anti-aging skin regeneration. You will experience outstanding exfoliation, hydration and anti-oxidant protection. Pores will become smaller; skin will be smooth, toned and tightened, leaving a radiant, youthful and vibrant glow.

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Nutri-Zyme Organic Peel

by Releve' Skincare

Nutri-Zyme Organic Peel is hands-down, the ultimate, most effective, non-chemical exfoliating skin peel ever created. This enzyme-rich, plant-derived face peel is completely natural, allows you to safely remove the outer layer of dead skin from your face, and delivers an incredible whole food-based source of retinol into the skin.

Through Releve Skincare's whole food bio-extraction process, they are able to fuse whole organic pineapples, papaya, passion fruit, asparagus tips, horseradish, bamboo, mushroom, and seaweed into a get that performs unlike any other exfoliation product on the market - while removing dead skin via 100% natural enzymes!

Use this product every other day for about a month, and you are assured to get results similar to a commercial, medical skin peel WITHOUT the anesthesia, swelling or down-time - and at a fraction of the cost!

Nutri-Zyme is the only non-chemical skin peel on the market today that really does work.

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Exhilar-Eyes Eye Renewal Cream (with Flavonol)

by Releve' Skincare

Get back those beautiful eyes with Exhilar-Eyes Eye Renewal Cream (with Flavonol). Positive results become visible immediately and keep increasing with continued use of the BEST EYE CREAM ever made. What's the secret? Releve' Skincare's own active 100% natural ingredient: Flavonol! Their Flavonol has NO synthetic elements or chemicals used in the extraction, and it quite dramatically perks up your eyes!

Exhilar-Eyes literally help to lift and tone the skin around the eyes while also lightening dark circles and smoothing fine lines. This revolutionary product nourishes the skin surrounding your eyes so thoroughly that you may actually discover your eye health and eyesight is strengthened as well - people have reported that repeatedly.

Flavonol is based our the company's own bio-elemental technology by breaking down whole organic food cources (citrus and vegetable) into molecular components 1,000 times smaller than the human cells found around the eye. The Flavonol molecular matrix contains over 2,000 flavonoids along with amino acids, enzymes, and mRNA nucleotides to stimulate enhanced production of collagen and elastin fibers. Their base citrus and vegetable extraction is enhanced by weaving in their proprietary fulvic acid mineral clay extract into fucoidan, drived from brown seaweed.

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Daily Infusion Facelift Cream (with Flavonol)

by Releve' Skincare

Unless you are considering cosmetic surgery, there is NO other product that achieves the anti-aging results you will discover with Releve Skincare's Daily Infusion. This product is a "fast-firming facelift cream." And the best part is - you will get the same extraordinary outcome by relying only on a synthesis of the powerful substances that have been present in nature throughout human history.

Daily Infusion represents the pinnacle of our long quest to develop original technologies built on ingredient synergies from the natural world. Unlike any other facelift cream, Releve Skincare's delivers results by restoring the innate vitality present in our body's own blueprint to build healthy, beautiful skin.

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Bamboo Mist

by Releve' Skincare

This sensational Bamboo Mist by Releve' Skincare is one product you simply cannot live without. You will want and 'should' you it anytime to:
  • Tone and firm your skin
  • Restore and brighten skin tone
  • Fully hydrate and nourish your skin anytime & anywhere!
Bamboos Mist is a must have to keep your skin beautiful anytime throughout the day. It's also the second step of Releve' Skincare's incredibly effective 2-Step Fast-Firming Facelift System that is unrivaled when it comes to achieving anti-aging results. Unless you are considering cosmetic surgery, there is NO other combination of products that even come close to getting the same outcome as using Daily Infusion and Bamboo Mist. The best part is ... the Releve' Skincare System relies only on a synthesis of the powerful substances that have been present in nature throughout human history.

No chemicals. No surgery!

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Sun-Lite SPF 20 Moisturizing Sunscreen

by Releve' Skincare

As Seen on the EWG "Best of 2012" Sunscreens List

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We've bottle the best nature has to offer for skin protection and created the most natural SPF protection ever made. Our Sun-Lite SPF 20 Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion is an all-natural, non-toxic organic sun block that contains:
  • NO silicone oil (Dimethicone)
  • NO titanium dioxide (which Canada considers a carcinogen)
  • NO nano-size or fine particles (including metals)

It contains 100% natural mineral pigments for broad-spectrum UVA, UVB and UVC coverage, plus offers exceptional moisturizing benefits because we use generous amounts of 100% organic hand-filleted Aloe Vera (the most healing substance nature provides us for overexposure to the sun) that no other sunscreens come close to.

  • Light, non-greasy
  • Borad spectrum UVA, UVB, UVC
  • Chemical-free safe for use on face & body
  • Designed for all skin types
  • Biodegradable
  • All natural; organic ingredients; no nano
  • Vitamins, minerals & antioxidants
  • Made with 100% hand-filleted aloe vera

Protects from the sun's harmful rays, plus provides extra benefits that hydrate, moisturize, heal and nourish your skin.

Fast-Firming Facelift System

by Releve' Skincare

Releve' Skincare's non-chemical, non-damaging, non-abrasive Fast-Firming Facelift System, is the fastest, most effective natural way to slow the signs of aging and enhance the overall health and appearance of your skin. Results are immediate and dramatic, but the long-term process is the key to Daily Infusion's anti-aging magic.
Feed your skin the living universe.
Releve' Skincare

The Releve' Skincare Facelift System is a two-step process.

First, apply Daily Infusion Facelift Cream with Flavonol, the most important ingredient, and the company's very own bio-extracted, citrus flavinoid-peptide complex derived from organic food sources.

Second, apply the Bamboo Mist, which serves as a bridge to percolate the Daily Infusion into the skin, while enhancing the power of the active ingredients.

You will simply be amazed at the results you get from doing these two steps!
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